Meet Kynny!

Meet Kynny!

We are so thrilled to introduce you to Kynny, who we recently promoted to Washington Area Manager!!

Kynny joined Steepologie in early February 2019 and she was promoted to Team Lead in January 2021. Kynny has contributed to Steepologie’s pre-pandemic growth (working our Southcenter, Fremont and Downtown Seattle stores, our pandemic survival (she was the first Team Member to volunteer to come back), and she has been integral to our post-pandemic customer satisfaction and sales growth in Washington state.

Kynny previously worked for Teavana for 2.5 years where she was promoted to Team Lead – Kynny was literally their poster child having been featured in several training videos and promotions! She trained at the main Teavana training facility at Starbucks’ Global HQ and was selected to test Teavana’s new tea bar concept prior to Teavana's global store shutdown.

Elevating Kynny to this new position has allowed us to focus on more store openings and product development while increasing our training and support for our valued Team Members. This will in turn create additional opportunities for promotion for our current Team Leads and Team Members as our needs evolve.

We are grateful to have Kynny as a key part of our growing tea family. We hope you're able to visit one of our Washington area stores and if you see Kynny please don't be shy - say "Hi Kynny!"

- Joe & Andrea Raetzer, co-founders and owners Steepologie Teas

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