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Black teas are made from completely oxidized teas leaves and these teas are the most processed on the market. Black teas are mainly produced in India, Africa (Kenya), and China. Usually more mature leaves are picked for the production of black teas. Certain grade levels of black teas are perfect for flavor blending. Black tea has a high level of caffeine. 


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Salty Caramel Tea (Steep No. B119)
Salty Caramel Tea (Steep No. B119)
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Salty Caramel Tea (Steep No. B119)

Black Tea

  • $15.00

Indulge in the sweet and salty bliss of Salty Caramel Tea (Steep No. B119). This premium blend combines rich black tea with luscious cream-caramel pieces, nutty almond pieces, and crunchy brittle hazelnut pieces. The perfect balance of flavors is topped off with a sprinkle of African pearl salt,...

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