Mullein Lung Ease Tea (Steep No. H322)

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Size:Culinary Tea Tin 2.5 oz



is an expectorant that helps the body expel excess mucus by making coughs more productive and is a demulcent that creates a soothing anti-inflammatory coating over mucous membranes and may have some strong antiviral effects*

Marshmallow Root

relieves coughs and throat pain and has protective properties for treating gastrointestinal ulcers, supports healthy skin and hair, reduces skin irritation and inflammation like dermatitis or eczema and may aid in metabolism**

Yerba Santa Leaf

warms and stimulates the respiratory system and reduces inflammation in the sinuses, throat, and lungs while it dries excessive secretions of the lungs or upper respiratory tract***


as an anti-inflammatory it reduces arthritis symptoms and helps with IBSboosts immune function with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties and also may help thin the blood, reduce cholesterol, and prevent the narrowing of arteries and may also help reduce leptin, which is a hormone that regulates appetite and fat storage in the body****


Introducing Mullein Lung Ease Tea (Steep No. H322) – a remarkable blend crafted with care to provide soothing relief and support for your respiratory well-being. This unique infusion combines the natural benefits of mullein leaf and a harmonious selection of botanicals, creating a tea that's as comforting as it is invigorating.

  • Mullein Leaf: At the heart of this blend is mullein leaf, cherished for its historical use in promoting lung health. It offers a mild, earthy flavor and is known for its soothing properties.
  • Marshmallow Root: Embrace the softening qualities of marshmallow root, which lends a gentle sweetness and a soothing, mucilaginous texture to the tea.
  • Yerba Santa Leaf: Yerba santa leaf adds a herbal dimension to the blend, offering a mild, menthol-like flavor and providing a sense of clarity to your respiratory passages.
  • Turmeric Root: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root adds a subtle warmth and earthiness to the tea, complementing the other ingredients beautifully.
  • Elecampane Root: Elecampane root contributes a sweet, herbal note and has been traditionally used to support respiratory health.
  • Tulsi Leaf: Also known as Holy Basil, tulsi leaf brings a touch of herbal freshness and a hint of peppery spice to the blend.
  • Licorice Root: Licorice root adds a natural sweetness and balances the other flavors, making the tea both soothing and delicious.
  • Peppermint Leaf: Experience the invigorating coolness of peppermint, which adds a refreshing touch to the blend and complements the herbal notes.
  • Calendula Flower: As a finishing touch, calendula flowers provide visual appeal and a subtle floral undertone that enhances the overall tea experience.

Ingredients: mullein leaf + marshmallow root + yerba santa leaf + turmeric root + elecampane root + tulsi leaf + licorice root + peppermint leaf + calendula flower

* Source WebMD
** Source VeryWell Health
*** Source Forest Medicine
**** Source Medical News Today

Packaging Options
Culinary Tea Tin: 
  • food grade metal
  • paper wrap
  • push down lid is airtight seal BPA free plastic 
  • 2.5" w x 6" h

Culinary Tea Jar:

  • food grade UV blocking thick violet glass body
  • gold foil label 
  • screw top lid is airtight seal BPA free plastic 
  • preserves tea freshness longest
  • refill with our 8 oz and 1 lb pouches
  • 3.6" w x 7.8" h (opening 3")


  • food grade mylar pouches
  • labeled with tea name and ingredients
  • thick airtight material
  • stand up gusseted bottom
  • resealable
  • size varies dimensions
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