The 2020 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar will feature the following teas (substitutions may be made for some teas due to ingredient shortages) – these are not listed in order of days…we have to leave something to surprise!! If you want even more detail click on the tea for type and ingredients for those that we have on our website already.

1.       Apple Salted Caramel

2.       Rosemary Harvest

3.       Cherry Icee

4.       Chocolaty Mint

5.       Cinnamon Orange Spice

6.       Cocoa Puffs

7.       Gingerbread Man

8.       Greek Mountain

9.       Limoncello

10.   London Fog

11.   Lychee Ginger Lime

12.   Majesty's Chai

13.   Matcha Genmaicha

14.   Mexican Chocolate Tea

15.   Winter's Fairytale

16.   Mr. Grinch

17.   Organic Breakfast Earl Grey

18.   Organic Houjicha

19.   Organic Japanese Matcha

20.   Organic Lumberjack Black

21.   Organic Turmeric Ginger

22.   Silver Needle Jasmine Supreme

23.   Smash My Lemon

24.   The Bee's Knees