100% Family Owned & Operated


It’s our slogan...our belief…it’s not something we take lightly. We focus on only one thing: delicious high-quality tea.

In truth, we are completely entranced by tea. Tea transcends language, age, gender, race and religion...tea brings us together as we celebrate life’s triumphs and work through its challenges.

We are probably good at a few other things, but since we launched Steepologie in 2016 we have simply lived and breathed fine quality tea. We do this for you because Tea Makes Us Better.

— Andrea & Joe Raetzer, Co-founders and Owners

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The Steepologie Experience

From the moment a customer enters a Steepologie Teas store, our Team Members immediately welcome them with a friendly “Hello, have you been in to a Steepologie Teas before?”. This is the beginning of your tea journey with Steepologie…

For those new to our experiential concept, our Team Member will give a guided tour throughout the store explaining that we have over 250+ loose leaf teas, herbals and blends to explore (each has a sniffer jar with fresh tea to look at and smell), 50+ bagged teas to choose from, and teaware to compliment as well as gift packs. For returning Steepologie customers, Team Members are available to assist.

However, our concept is experiential retail so our Team Members refrain from hovering over our customers. Team Members are trained to educate and guide the customer through their tea journey from types of tea to ways to steep.

Once a customer picks their teas and teaware, our Team Members happily hand pack the fresh teas in mylar bags which are heat sealed for safe passage home. Lastly, our generous Loyalty Rewards program keeps customers steeping! It’s tied in not only to the retail storefronts but also works across our Apple and Android apps as well as our website.

How is Steepologie Different

We offer an experiential retail setting and experience:

Variety: most tea shops have 40-50 teas, we have 250+ blends of tea that are packed fresh in-house

Presentation: the aesthetic is hip and urban with an industrial/steampunk twist making all comfortable

Transparency: tea canisters list price, origin, caffeine level, & ingredients with a sniffer jar to experience before purchase

Engagement: our staff happily engages and educates all of our guests

No Frills Packaging: all packaging has concise steeping instructions for ease of home / office preparation

Freshness of Tea: we keep limited stock on hand to maintain freshness...each store receives up to 1 - 2 shipments a week to keep the freshest tea on hand

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