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Our Bagged Loose Leaf Tea Collection is not the same as "pre-bagged" tea...our collection is professionally bagged by our blenders - fresh loose leaf from the same sources that we serve our customers in-store and online. This is loose leaf lovingly bagged in our premium pyramid tea filter bags.

Each package comes in a resealable reusable food grade package. Our sachets are constructed of a natural mesh fiber derived from corn starch. After disposal, they are 100% biodegradable and decompose into carbon and water. All good for the environment and your steeping time!

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Organic Rosey Cheeks Tea (Steep No. H373)
Organic Rosey Cheeks Tea (Steep No. H373)
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Organic Rosey Cheeks Tea (Steep No. H373)

Herbal Tea

  • $9.90

CHOOSE FROM LOOSE LEAF OR BAGGED Ingredients:  organic hibiscus flowers + organic orange peel + organic rosehips + raspberry extract + red rose petals.

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