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Rooibos is a shrub grown in the Western Cape region of South Africa, rooibos is also known as "Redbush". Rooibos is a unoxidized leaf that is naturally caffeine free. It is a neutral base that is great on its own and perfect for blending with fruits, spices and herbs. Rooibos has a very creamy and rich taste and is an herbal that can be served with milk and sugar.

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Tiramisu Tea (Steep No. R713)
Tiramisu Tea (Steep No. R713)
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Tiramisu Tea (Steep No. R713)

Rooibos Tea

  • $15.00

Ingredients: rooibos tea + chocolate chips + brittle hazlenut pieces + cream-caramel pieces + yogurt granules + roasted coffee beans +chamomile

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