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All About Jasmine Teas

Embark on a fragrant journey through a garden of sweet blossoms with every indulgent sip of jasmine infused tea. While numerous teas incorporate flowers for their delightful floral notes, jasmine infused teas stand as a centuries-old exemplar of scented tea. Originating in China, this aromatic blend has transcended borders, captivating palates around the world.

What is Jasmine?

The jasmine, a petite white flower known for its sweet fragrance, thrives in over 200 varieties across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, flourishing in tropical or temperate climates. However, when it comes to crafting Jasmine Tea, only two varieties take the spotlight: Jasminum Officinale and Jasminum Sambac.

Beyond its aromatic allure, jasmine holds global esteem, particularly in Asian cultures, where it carries profound cultural significance. Beyond its role in tea, jasmine finds applications in perfumery and serves as a favored embellishment, gracing weddings, religious ceremonies, and festivals in various corners of the world.

How Does Jasmine Work With Tea?

A distinctive characteristic of tea lies in its remarkable ability to absorb flavors and aromas from its surroundings. While conventional wisdom advises storing tea away from potent odors by using high quality packaging like our Steepologie Culinary Tea Tins and Culinary Tea Jars, this absorbing quality becomes a virtue in the creation of Jasmine Tea.

Unlike most teas, where preventing additional flavor absorption is key, jasmine teas deliberately embrace this trait. Instead of incorporating actual jasmine flowers into the tea leaves, the majority of jasmine teas are infused with the scent of jasmine. However, we have both options to satisfy those on both sides of the jasmine spectrum: for example, our Finest Jasmine Pearls and Silver Needle Jasmine Supreme each have jasmine flowers while our Jasmine in Bloom does not.

Harvested typically in the spring, the tea used for jasmine infused teas is stored until the jasmine blossoms in the Summer. Leveraging tea's natural affinity for absorbing flavors, the tea leaves and jasmine are layered together overnight, allowing the jasmine aroma to infuse the tea over several hours. This is repeated multiple times until the desired level of jasmine fragrance is attained.

Depending on the tea artisan's preference, the leaves may be left loose or rolled into small pearls. While green tea is commonly used in jasmine blends for its mild flavor, options with white and black teas are also available. Whether reuniting with an old friend or unwinding at the end of the day, a cup of Jasmine Tea is sure to make a lasting impression.

How to Steep Jasmine Teas?

Like any tea, achieving the perfect cup of jasmine tea hinges on mastering the delicate balance of water temperature and steeping time. If the temperature is too low, the flavors may not fully infuse into the water. Conversely, if it's too high, there's a risk of scalding the tea leaves, resulting in a bitter taste. Adhering to recommended water temperature guidelines for the specific type of tea serves as a reliable rule of thumb when preparing jasmine teas. Also, make sure you always use fresh filtered water for best results - reusing water is not good due to oxygen depletion.

Apart from being mindful of water quality and temperature along with steeping duration, steeping a delightful cup of jasmine tea requires no special tricks. Follow the familiar process of preparing any tea: select your preferred teapot, add the leaves, pour in water, allow it to steep, remove the leaves, and pour. Then, simply savor the delightful experience!


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