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Black teas are made from completely oxidized teas leaves and these teas are the most processed on the market. Black teas are mainly produced in India, Africa (Kenya), and China. Usually more mature leaves are picked for the production of black teas. Certain grade levels of black teas are perfect for flavor blending. Black tea has a high level of caffeine. 


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Tropical Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. B164)
Tropical Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. B164)
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Tropical Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. B164)

Black Tea

  • $2.90

Our rich aroma Tropical Earl Grey Tea is blended with whole leaf assam black tea and steeps a well balanced, comforting cup with pungent flavor with strong character. Oil of bergamot is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange, a small pear shaped sour orange which is cultivated today most...

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