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Rooibos is a shrub grown in the Western Cape region of South Africa, rooibos is also known as "Redbush". Rooibos is a unoxidized leaf that is naturally caffeine free. It is a neutral base that is great on its own and perfect for blending with fruits, spices and herbs. Rooibos has a very creamy and rich taste and is an herbal that can be served with milk and sugar.

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Peppermint White Chocolate (Steep No. R724)
Peppermint White Chocolate (Steep No. R724)
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Peppermint White Chocolate (Steep No. R724)

Rooibos Tea

  • $10.90

Indulge in the smooth and minty flavor of Peppermint White Chocolate Tea (Steep No. R724). This blend of rooibos and honeybush tea is infused with cocoa nibs and licorice root, then infused with the flavor of white chocolate and french vanilla. The addition of peppermint essential oil creates a r...

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