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White teas are a speciality of the Fujian Province of China and are light and crisp in flavor. They are the least processed of teas as the tea leaves are left to naturally oxidize with the larger leaves processed for tea. White tea should be steeped at a slightly lower temperature to avoid burning the delicate leaves. Steeping White tea at the appropriate temperature will also ensure that it contains a slightly lower level of caffeine.

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Blossom Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. W804)
Blossom Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. W804)
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Blossom Earl Grey Tea (Steep No. W804)

White Tea

  • $10.90

White tea blends to perfection with oil of bergamot, with a highlight of creaminess. Oil of bergamot is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange, a small pear shaped sour orange which is cultivated today mostly in southern Italy. The exquisite creamy flavor and deep Earl Grey finish create ...

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