Mind Ease Tea

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Tea Type: Herbal Tea / Tag(s):  Eucalyptus  Hibiscus  Honeybush  Lemon  Marigold  Orange  Rose  Safflowers

2-3 tsp


8 oz water


208 F


5-6 mins

2 oz makes 10 - 12 cups / No caffeine



Our Mind Ease Tea blend combines the earthy, sweet flavor of Honeybush and the soothing blend of lemon and roses. Honeybush is a caffeine free plant from South Africa. It has a wonderfully sweet and slight astringent flavor with undertones of honey. The addition of citrus fruits makes this blend a great iced tea in the summer or hot soothing brew in the winter. The hibiscus provides the final touch of sweetness that again makes this tea a perfect brew hot or cold.

Ingredients: honeybush tea + lemongrass + lemon myrtle + rosehips + eucalyptus + hibiscus + safflowers + marigold + orange extract.

Possible benefits of regular Rooibos Tea consumption include:
  • bioactive compounds may have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, aiding the immune system
  • high antioxidants may be good for cardiovascular health
  • compounds present in rooibos may help improve allergies, digestion and complexion
  • manganese and calcium present in rooibos may promote bone and teeth health, and may alleviate joint pain