Balancing Tea

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Tea Type: Herbal Tea / Tag(s):  Basil  Chamomile  Ginger  Lemon  Licorice  Mint  Orange  Rose  Wellness

2-3 tsp


8 oz water


195-212 F


4-5 mins

2 oz makes 10 - 12 cups / Caffeine Free Herbal Tea



chamomile + saffron + licorice + ginger root + fennel seeds + rosebuds + spearmint + rose hips + lemon grass + tulsi (holy basil) + orange extract

Our "Wellness" line of teas are blended and designed to promote health and wellness. Each blend is comprised of herbs to target specific bodily systems and functions. Each ingredient was thoroughly researched and cupped individually for flavor, and every tea in the Wellness line was blended to maximize benefit as well as ensure a clean, smooth flavor. You can see all of our Wellness blends here.