Blue Rendezvous Tea

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Tea Type: Herbal Tea / Tag(s):  Cornflowers  Lavender  Lemon  Mango  Rose

2-3 tsp


8 oz water


195-212 F


4-5 mins

2 oz makes 10 - 12 cups / Caffeine Free Herbal Tea



This is a perfect blend of calming ingredients if your looking to avoid chamomile. The lemon and mango flavors meld nicely with the two main ingredients, lavender and lemon grass. Lavender is most often used for perfuming, but it is also an excellent plant for infusions and has an agreeable floral flavor. Lemongrass has a subtle yet complex aroma. This perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia is noted for its lemony scent due to a high concentration of citral, its main biological component.

Ingredients: blue lavender + corn flowers + blue mallow blossoms + rose petals + lemongrass + mango.


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