Orange U Happy Tea (Steep No. G210)

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Size:Culinary Tea Tin 4 oz

Orange U Happy Tea is a radiant infusion designed to brighten your day with a burst of citrus sunshine and a symphony of complementary flavors. This lively blend seamlessly combines the freshness of green tea with a delightful array of ingredients to create a tea experience that will leave you smiling.

At the heart of this blend is the dynamic duo of orange slices and tangerine pieces, infusing the tea with a zesty and uplifting essence. The tropical dance continues with the addition of pineapple and mango sugar cubes, offering a sweet and exotic touch that enhances the overall vibrancy.

As you steep your tea, witness the visual and aromatic allure of safflower and sunflower blossoms, creating a captivating tableau. Apple pieces and carrot flakes contribute a crisp sweetness, while blackberry leaves and eucalyptus leaves add layers of complexity to the palate.

For a touch of earthy richness, beetroot pieces join the ensemble, complemented by the floral elegance of hibiscus blossoms and the refreshing notes of lemongrass. The result is Orange U Happy Tea—a joyous fusion of flavors that invites you to savor the harmonious blend of citrus, sweetness, and herbal nuances.

Ingredients: green tea + orange slices + tangerine pieces + pineapple & mango sugar cubes + safflower + sunflower blossoms + apple pieces + carrot flakes + blackberry leaves + eucalyptus leaves + beet root pieces + hibiscus blossom + lemongrass 

Packaging Options
Culinary Tea Tin: 
  • food grade metal
  • paper wrap
  • push down lid is airtight seal BPA free plastic 
  • 2.5" w x 6" h

Culinary Tea Jar:

  • food grade UV blocking thick violet glass body
  • gold foil label 
  • screw top lid is airtight seal BPA free plastic 
  • preserves tea freshness longest
  • refill with our 8 oz and 1 lb pouches
  • 3.6" w x 7.8" h (opening 3")


  • food grade mylar pouches
  • labeled with tea name and ingredients
  • thick airtight material
  • stand up gusseted bottom
  • resealable
  • size varies dimensions
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    Packaging Options

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