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White teas are a speciality of the Fujian Province of China and are light and crisp in flavor. They are the least processed of teas as the tea leaves are left to naturally oxidize with the larger leaves processed for tea. White tea should be steeped at a slightly lower temperature to avoid burning the delicate leaves. Steeping White tea at the appropriate temperature will also ensure that it contains a slightly lower level of caffeine.

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Pink Sonoma Tea (Steep No. W814)
Pink Sonoma Tea (Steep No. W814)
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Pink Sonoma Tea (Steep No. W814)

White Tea

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Thoroughly saturated with the flavor of a light cabernet, our Pink Sonomas Tea blend is based on the sweetness of a strong white tea. A powerful floral aroma and body by adding a good measure of rose petals, as well as a light touch of jasmine. A wonderful tasting tea ideal for anytime drinking....

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